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5 18 Men's sports underwear/briefs
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Ultra-Trail Australia startAERODAKS is an Australian made underwear brand engineered specifically for running comfort.

It was made by runners...for runners. Runners know that comfort is critical when it comes to performance. 

The idea for the product was conceived by one of the co-founders whilst running the Ultra Trail 100 race in the Blue Mountains, Australia (in recent years we have been a race sponsor). It was a case of wanting something that did not exist, that he could not find anywhere. Sports brriefs that are actually comfortable to run with and keeps you dry and reduces chafing. Briefs that are actually made for running.

The composition of the innovative Italian micro-mesh fabric and the ergonomic design and styling, along with other tested features, means a product that is unique to the demands of running.

At AERODAKS, we are passionate about running. See for yourself what the difference is.


★ Comfort and better performance
Unique design - wide hip section, no side seams, no central stitching, single layer underneath, double fronted with premium components and a unique cut means less irritation, more comfort and a better performance.

★ Less sweat retention and effective wicking
Premium micro-mesh - an engineered, bi-elastic techno-fabric designed and manufactured in Italy. Perforated, strong and very light (150gsm). Less weight without that clingy feeling means less sweat retention and effective wicking.

★ Less hip pressure
Wide woven elastic is the Rolls Royce of elastics - high strength and durable, it moves and bends but does not narrow when stretched. This means less hip pressure and more comfort.

★ Less fabric movement, friction and pressure on your skin
No side-seams - the material wraps around your hips without any side stitching. This in combination with the wide woven elastic waistband and generous cut ensure less fabric movement, friction and pressure on your skin.

★ Keeping you fresh and dry
A double mesh layer around your vital parts without central stitching. Protects you from unwanted friction and bounce whilst keeping you fresh and dry.

★ Fully and securely supported
The removable drawstring is flat and adds additional security for rough sports/activities. It is on the outside to reduce irritation. It can be removed and the AERODAKS will be fully supported by the waistband.

UTA winner - Brendan Davies
UTA 100 winner Brendan Davies wears AERODAKS


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